Aputure Gigtube – DSLR Live View Finder

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Aputure Gigtube – DSLR Live View Finder

Gigtube DSLR Digital Viewfinder
Sometimes you just need to see what your camera sees without looking in the viewfinder, the Aputure Gigtube allows you to do just that.

Gigtube Demo 1The two and a half inch high quality LCD screen on the Aputure Gigtube flips and rotates to allow almost any viewing angle or position for ease of use.

Gigtube Demo 6The large red button underneath the display is the remote shutter button so once you see your perfect shot you can fire the camera right away. Pressing the remote shutter button partially down will also trigger the cameras autofocus so whatever you seeing can stay crystal sharp.

Gigtube Hot ShoeThe Gigtube display has a hotshoe mount so it can be mounted to the camera with the screen flipped down towards you for high or low angle shots.

6' CordThe 3½” x 2½” x 1½” display unit can also be removed from the camera via the six foot extension cord and can be used hand held.

Table Stand 1By using the included table stand the unit can easily be placed on a nearby surface for convenience.

Table Stand 2The included stand also incorporates a standard thread so it can be attached to a nearby light stand for ease of use.

Nikon Pro CableThese units are compatible with any Nikon or Canon camera that has the live view option.

Hi-Quality ScreenThe two and a half inch 230,000-pixel 24-bit LCD display is similar in quality to the ones found on the Canon Rebel XS or Nikon D40.

Gigtube Demo 2The Aputure Gigtube is an innovative device that offers a camera remote with a LCD live view screen built in, that relays the live image from the cameras live view feed NOT a degraded recording of the viewfinder.

Waist Level FinderUse the Gigtube as a modern day waist level finder for you DSLR.

Shoot High

Shooting above crowds is not a problem with the Aputure Gigtube.

Distance from Camera

Move out from behind the camera and interact with your portrait subjects to help get a more natural look.


The Gigtube has an approximate three hour battery life and can be charged via USB or AC, whichever happens to be close by. The unit can also be charged while it’s in use so as not to interrupt a busy shooting schedule.

Gigtube Closed

When not in use the unit closes on itself to protect the screen from being damaged or scratched while in the camera bag.

Gigtube Box

Compatible With:
Canon 450D (XSi), 500D (T1i), 550 (T2i), 1000D (XS)
Canon 20Da, 40D, 50D, 7D, 5D Mark II
Canon 1D Mark III, 1Ds Mark III, 1D Mark IV
Nikon D90, D300, D300s, D700, D3, D3x

Great for:
Product Photography
Portrait Photography
High / Low Angle Photography
Astrophotography / Infrared Photography

2.5” LCD Display
(230k pixels, 24-bit color)
Any-Angle Rotating/Tilting Viewer
Full LCD Control (brightness, contrast, flip)
Remote Shutter Release Function
Hot Shoe Mountable
Long Life Rechargeable Battery (3 Hours)

Kit Includes:
2.5” LCD Display / Remote Trigger Unit
Video/remote Cable for Camera
6ft Extension Cable
AC/USB Battery Charger
Table Stand w/ Light Stand Adaptor

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62 Responses for “Aputure Gigtube – DSLR Live View Finder”

  1. admin says:

    Hi Max, You would need a 3C kit (for the 50D & 1DIV) and a spare 3CII cable (for the 5D mrkII). Hope this helps, anything else please let us know, thanks and happy shooting!

  2. sexy eyes says:

    This is a super. Loving it man!

  3. david woodley says:

    Hi I am using a canon 40d can you tell me
    After watching dvd video


    do I have to have the live view showing on camera back lcd screen as well as on the Gigtube monitor as on dvd it is not turned on camera lcd screen
    I have been on their web site
    I have coped the web pages for reference
    Hope you can let me now
    Yours truly,
    David woodley


  4. admin says:

    Hi David,

    The Canon cameras are set up so that when a external monitor is plugged into the video out port the rear LCD screen automatically turns off. Hope this helps, please let us know if there is anything else we can help with, thanks!

  5. david woodley says:

    many thanks for info

  6. Ned says:

    I have a canon 1d mark II n
    Will that work with this product? My camera is not live view from the camera, but it does have video out and a remote shutter cable plug in. The only way to view a pic before taking it is thru the eye view finder.
    Can it work with this camera.

  7. admin says:

    Hi Ned,
    The Gigtube remote viewing ability relies on the cameras live view function as it uses the video out feed of the camera. If the camera doesn’t have live view then you won’t see the image on the remote unit either. However, the unit will still show the image after it was taken (the Gigtube functions identical to the rear lcd screen on the camera just in a remote capacity, what the rear lcd would show you is what the Gigtube will also show), and work as a remote shutter.

  8. Judi says:

    Is the Gigtube compatible with the Nikon D5000?

  9. admin says:

    Hi Judi,
    Yes it will with the 3N kit/cable; but much like the Canon T2i & 7D cameras you will need to have the AV cable that was supplied with your camera by Nikon to attach it to the Gigtube cable. Hope this helps, please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you, thanks and happy shooting!

  10. margossian says:

    a reception du gigtube,essais sur le canon 5dMKII et 7d,la fonction autofocus ne fonctionne pas ,ce qui réduit beaucoup l’interêt de l’appareil.pourquoi??

  11. admin says:

    Hi Margossian,
    The Gigtube’s shutter button is tied directly to the shutter button of the camera, Canon disabled the autofocus ability of most of their cameras from the shutter button while in live view and moved the autofocus button to the rear of the camera (where your thumb would normally rest). This means that the Gigtube’s shutter button cannot activate the autofocus on most of the Canon cameras, while the autofocus will work on Nikon and others, this is something that Canon did on the EOS product line and we have no ability to correct for. Sorry for any inconvenience, hope this helps, if there is anything else we can do please let us know, thanks and happy shooting!

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